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With over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry and a further 3 specializing in paint correction and protection, Perth P & P is your smart choice when looking for a business that understands your needs, we have genuine passion for the industry and getting the best results for your vehicle the first time, every time.

We only use quality products that we have tried and tested ourselves.
Our brand of choice for ceramic paint protection is IGL COATINGS.

We have chosen this particular brand for multiple reasons, some of which include its amazing gloss, hydrophobic water-repelling qualities, and UV protection.
Another important reason for this decision is the fact that IGL products have zero or very low VOC (meaning they are safe to work with and much better for the environment then most other brands available).
Only certified master applicators have access to this range of products and we have completed the master applicator training with IGL AUSTRALIA.  


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