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What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the industry term for what many people know as cut & polishing, there are many other terms widely used including machine polishing or "buffing".

We use the term paint correction when referring to the highest level of paint restoration possible, prior to applying ceramic paint protection.
This process removes all defects such as swirls, fading, and scratches.

Below is a 50/50 picture, the left after paint correction the right before correction. 


How Do I Prevent Swirls/Defects Reoccurring In My Freshly Polished Paint?

Now that your paint has been restored to new, there are a few simple things you can do to minimize the risk of creating new defects in that perfect finish!

To start with, throw away that old wash mitt/sponge and chamois that you have had in the garage as long as you can remember!

The majority of fine scratches and swirls are actually created during the washing and drying process, it only takes a few grains of sand or other contamination to cause lasting damage, when you rub a dirty old wash sponge all over your car, it has the same effect as a piece of sandpaper!!
We stock professional products for you to purchase to give you peace of mind when maintaining your vehicle. 

This type of washing is a guaranteed way to ruin your paint ! 

tunnel wash.jpg

What Is Paint Protection?

Paint Protection is what we apply to your freshly protected paint surface to keep it looking amazing.

The most commonly known product is wax, Wax itself has many different varieties and styles but most can give a very glossy deep "wet" look to your paint, however, will typically only last around 3 months before needed to be re-applied. 

Another option for protection in paint sealant. 
Most commonly sealant is a synthetic product that is applied to your paint, helping to repel water and dust, lasting up to 6months before reapplying.

The highest levels of gloss and durability are achieved with Ceramic Coating.
Ceramic paint protection is the ultimate level of protection for your paint and is a permanent solution.
Lasting up to 4 years this coating is resistant to chemicals, bird droppings, fine scratches/swirls, UV fading and is extremely hydrophobic meaning it repels water and dirt making maintaining your vehicle very easy.
After spending many hours restoring your paint it makes sense to keep it that way for as long as possible!


ceramic coating

Paint Defects Chart

Below is a diagram that shows common paint defects.

Your paintwork is made up of three parts
*Color coat
If the damage or defects are through the clear into the color layer, polishing will not remove the damage.
When we are doing a paint correction we are removing just enough of the clear layer to create a completely smooth like glass finish, as the layers are all microscopically thin the utmost care must be taken during this process, removing too much clear will result in the surface needing to be repainted!
Incorrect products or work methods will ruin paint extremely easily, therefore choosing a professional for this job is essential!


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